Market Downturn! Here Are My Thoughts & Reflections...

I think it's rather apt to say that the market has been an absolute bloodbath in recent times, with REITs as an asset class taking an especially heavy beating. Today's post will be a short one, in which I will discuss what are my personal views when it comes market downturns and how I respond to them. Source: ET Money Firstly, I just want to outline how I've personally been affected by the onslaught on REIT prices. It's no secret that my portfolio is heavily concentrated in United Hampshire US REIT, with the sole ticker having a whopping 65% weightage in my portfolio. The security's price has dipped to levels down to 0.345 USD per unit which is rather far from its previously relatively stable price of 0.42USD per unit. Hence, almost all my portfolio gains were wiped from the start of the year, and I'm now sitting on only a meagre profit YTD. However, my convictions in the REIT are still strong and I firmly believe the fundamentals are still sound. Hence, I am re

LHN Limited: Unique Real Estate Equity Play?

Since time immemorial, there have been two rather straightforward business models when it comes to real estate: Rental and Development. For the case of rental specifically, you have tenants locked into lease contracts which more or less guarantees a steady cash flow from your rental properties, and that's exactly what  LHN Limited (SGX: 41O)  has been doing, dipping its fingers into some pretty  special  pies.  Over time, I must admit that I've developed quite an inclination towards high recurring income and cash flow businesses, which naturally led  LHN Limited  to pique my curiousity. I'm always on the lookout for good deals in the market, and when I noticed the stock's price had plummeted a drastic 15% from a recent high of 0.4SGD to 0.34SGD as of writing this article, I just  had  to take an in-depth look to see if it's the next bargain buy in the Singapore market.  Source: LHN Group Facebook Moving on, to give you some better insight regarding this relatively u