17/6/23 Portfolio Update

 Hello everyone! PL here with just a short portfolio update to rid the radio silence of my blog! I'm currently undergoing my vocational training and hence still don't have too much free time to continue writing detailed blog posts regularly. Nevertheless, here are just some updates on my portfolio :)

Screenshot of my Tiger Brokers Portfolio

Initially, my portfolio had Keppel Corp in 100% weightage, but I took profit on half of the proceedings when Keppel neared the $6.50 range and put the available cash into United Hampshire US REIT, which is a counter I've covered in the past.

Overall, the total profit for the account is SGD 1.9k, yielding a forward dividend income of SGD 1.3k per year.

I will continue to hold my remaining stake in Keppel as I believe that the current plan to recycle capital into recurring income is coming to fruition quite nicely, potentially cementing Keppel's status as a solid Blue Chip company that will provide me with cash flow for years to come. 

In terms of UHREIT, I believe it will ride on the upcoming REIT rally should interest rates start to plateau and be lowered. However, should inflation remain untamed, the resilient asset class of UHREIT should benefit. Overall, UHREIT, with high amounts of fixed borrowings, will remain strong in the face of any headwind, be it a weak economy, high inflation, or dropping or increasing interest rates. Not to mention the fact that SGD has been quite strong against the USD recently, making it an opportune time to accumulate foreign US assets.

Moving forward, I believe I will continue to be overweight REITs, looking at various counters such as AIMS APAC REIT, Mapletree Logistics/Industrial Trust, and Capitaland Ascendas REIT. I will also consider accumulating banks for a long-term portfolio should they show increased weakness.

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Disclaimer: Please take everything published within this blog with a pinch of salt. Nothing I say here should be misconstrued as any form of financial advice whatsoever. In fact, I am probably the absolute last person you should approach for any sort of advice. All self-computed figures are calculated to the best of my ability, but I cannot guarantee they are 100% accurate, and I am not liable for any investment decisions made based on my content. 

Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you have learnt something, no matter how seemingly minuscule, ciao!


  1. Wow PL, that is a lot of profits that you are sitting on Keppel Corp. Can see the very strong conviction you had in it when you purchased it and now proven spot on target. Good one!

    I have started accumulating some units of Keppel Corp to diversify my current portfolio as I am rather excited by its management emphasis of "asset light model" growth strategy going forward.

    1. Hi Blade, thanks for the kind comment!

      I firmly believe that Keppel Corp is a solid dividend blue chip that will slowly reward shareholders over time, unlocking value. I am vested long term in Keppel Corp and will not be divesting any of my current lots right now. Hope we both continue to profit together!


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